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About the Idea Pond (1)
Support for Snowflake (1)
Support for user-defined datatypes (1)
Display attributes for complex views (1)
Display column comments in the ER diagram (1)
Generate Change Script - current_date and current_timestamp being flagged (1)
Generate Change Script correctly identifies BigSerial and Serial (1)
Import ERwin data models to Toad Data Modeler (3)
It would be great to have an option to migrate my .dm1 files from ER Studio 17 to TDM (1)
Add the ability to wrap text inside rectangle boundary (1)
Add the ability to provide "verbs" on both ends of a relationship (1)
Generate SQL script for both Oracle and MSSQL (1)
Keep Attribute migrated by Relationship (1)
Add a change script for SQL Anywhere or generic Transact SQL (1)
Ability to add additional attribute columns to table Attributes (2)
<%ParentTableName%> <%ParentTableCaption%> for default Relation Attribute Name (2)
Remove categories from multiple items with right-click (2)
Ability to color attributes individually - Toad Data Modler (3)
Referential integrity triggers (1)
Support for Oracle redaction (1)
Custom folders in Physical Model Explorer (1)