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About the Idea Pond (3)

Idea Pond is where you can submit new product enhancement ideas to the development team, and vote on ideas submitted by others. So, you have an idea to improve or add a feature? Great - we want to hear it! See an exist…

Display Calculated Field's Name instead of Code (1)
Wrap Column Header Text (1)
Add connection for Denodo (data virtualization platform) (2)
Prompt for password on Connect on Startup (2)
Default Grouping of Date Fields in Pivot Grid (1)
Ability to Change Calculated Field Name (4)
Hive Password Prompt [Feature Request] (1)
Snowflake Connection (3)
Active "Find All" Highlighting (2)
Toad Data Point support for MemSQL (1)
TDP: Explorer -- User Defined Types? (1)
Create Formatting Toolbar for Pivot Grids (1)
Bottom Detail Area to Show All Information (1)
Python code generated via GUI (1)
Warning to international users: Cross connect query does not support international characters! (1)
Make it easy to do a LISTAGG (2)
Customize background color of the Query Builder (1)
Connecting to oracle tables using RSA Token not password (2)
Support for ServiceNow ODBC connection (2)
FIXED TDP 4.3 - Adding support for MariaDB (3)
MariaDB Galera Cluster and MaxScale support (1)
Custom Local Lookup Columns (2)
Allow for HTTP requests to be made in an automation script (1)
Customize the Profiling Report (1)
Connect to a web service to get data (1)
Store a bind variable as part of a project (1)
Have limit in the "where" clause on an, outer joined, table be part of the join clause and not the global where clause (1)
Automation Task Description Field Data Entry Issue 4.3 (1)
Programming Language Interface (1)