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About the Idea Pond (3)

Idea Pond is where you can submit new product enhancement ideas to the development team, and vote on ideas submitted by others. So, you have an idea to improve or add a feature? Great - we want to hear it! See an exist…

Worksheets: Restore window layout (3)
Add Data Compare to Toad Edge (4)
Worksheets: ad hoc names (1)
Data Grid: Define column separators used for copy/paste (1)
Data Grid: Row numbering and highlighting (1)
Implement ability to print a data grid (1)
Work with screen-reading software (like JAWS or NVDA) (1)
Set compare order for schema objects (2)
Fixed Toad Edge v1.2: Background color (7)
Fixed Toad Edge v1.2: Make the connection-colour more obvious (3)
Can Toad EDGE have a debugger? (3)
Include schema with script generated SQL (1)
The default table name setting in export data wizard (1)
The insert statement format in result set data export (1)
Add shortcut keys like in toad for oracle (1)
Provide a Linux build (1)
Query Results History (1)