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Toad for Oracle 13.2 Beta (3)

We are proud to announce the launch of Toad for Oracle v13.2 beta . We want to encourage you to participate in this beta program to help us to deliver high quality product. Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to p…

Enhancements data export (3)
Beta Released ( (1)
Data grid group panel doesn't allow cancel or respect NO (2)
SnagIt, print Screen and TOAD (19)
Beta, Schema Browser (DropDown style) ignores MouseUp event (8)
Join us for a quick Usability Study for a new Toad for Oracle Unit Testing feature (1)
Cannot cancel long running queries (3)
Beta Released ( (1)
Editor: Behavior of Ctrl+Cursor Right changed (2)
Drag&Drop into Editor sometimes breaks (3)
Network drives not visible when opening or saving files (5)
Beta Released ( (2)
Beta Released ( (4)
Beta Released ( (7)
Several small windows appear off screen (5)
OT: Happy Pi Day (1)
Object Pallet blocking scrollbar (1)
Query fails if a TAB is the first character (4)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (1)
Table Data export returns ORA-00933 'SQL command not properly ended' (3)
Alter user screen always changes default tablespaces to first in list (2)
Beta Released ( (1)
Code Analysis: Unused variable not detected (8)
Recreate of Sequences (17)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (9)
Session Browser Error ORA -12703 when osuser with umlaut (14)
Beta Released ( (4)