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We are proud to announce the launch of Toad for Oracle v13.1 beta . We want to encourage you to participate in this beta program to help us to deliver high quality product. Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to p…

Clicking TNSNames editor always opens a blank page (1)
Alignment of column aliases (6)
Weird: Can not change to a different editors connection (17)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (2)
replace macro groups (1)
Beta Released ( (1)
SB rebuild of invalid index does not refresh index display (7)
Problem while compiling in Editor (9)
AV after awaking from multiple laptop sleeps (4)
Beta Released ( (1)
Schema Browser and Editor single record view off screen on monitor with portrait orientation (3)
Mistake in comparison (4)
Compare mismatch mistake (1)
Taod crashed (3)
Beta Released ( (1)
Use the previous beta version (6)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (1)
Toas latest beta dies when I Just open and close it (5)
Update TOAD pop-up windows all appear off screen. (4)
Option to use whole column names in single object compare? (3)
Extra focus click required to use F9 in Editor (3)
Beta Released ( (1)
Bracket highlighting in Editor Now highlights too many (4)
Beta Released ( (1)
Beta Released ( (5)