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About the Idea Pond (3)

Idea Pond is where you can submit new product enhancement ideas to the development team, and vote on ideas submitted by others. So, you have an idea to improve or add a feature? Great - we want to hear it! See an exist…

Database data diagram (2)
Save/Name Lists of Databases/Servers selected in Group Execute (1)
Saving Current Workspace (2)
Allow SQL editor execute code with '@' parameters and not ':' (3)
Add zoom capability to editor (1)
Change the default on double click for views and procedures to open in the SQL editor (2)
Please unify - or at lease import from a previous installation - SQL Recall list across all installations (2)
Surface Pro - High DPI (Toad for sql could not scale) (5)
Find option in database diagram (1)
Sql online training (1)
Please implement Search > Object Search (3)
Add option to make Obect Explorer filtering 'sticky' (1)
Improve Performance When Working with Database with a Large Amount of Objects (1)
Missing "Always On High Availability" in the Explorer (1)
I would like can make a table trigger debug (1)
Import Employee Calendar to View Resource Availability (1)
How to create effective custom RFC function to integrate millions of records super fast with SAP BODS (1)
Can I code in .NET/C# for Microsoft Dynamics AX? (1)
Ability to use Azure database as a service for playback and statistics databases (1)
External tables do not appear in explorer (1)
Implement options to Filter and Categorize Agent Jobs (1)
Up/Down Arrows in the import wizard for ordering (1)
The ability to add sound to an alert or change of status (1)
Copy a table name from Object Search results and paste it into Editor (1)
Ability to filter data by specific column value in Object Explorer | Table | View Details | Data tab (1)
Ability to use DESCRIBE (SHIFT+F4) on a table in Script tab of Stored Procedure (1)
Refactoring table aliases, variable names etc (3)
Support for add-ins (1)
Remove excessive brackets in Query Builder's version of SQL (2)