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1090 Beta Expired


Help, I am back to 5.5 until I can get a new license? Does anyone know anyway to turn this back on?


Hi Dale,

We have checked and confirmed that the Beta build 1090 expires 13 Dec 2008 (The previous Beta build expires end of Nov 08). I think the installation failed…and you might still have the previous build…

Could you please check the version of sqlnavigator.exe in your current Beta installation folder.

If it is not, Could you please try to uninstall the current Beta using Quest Installer, then rerun the installation of 1090 again.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks. I did not run the uninstaller it retained the original expiration files (Probably had quite a mismash of setup). I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it is working…


that was in the annoucement…

“If you have installed a previous Beta 6.1 build. Please uninstall thecurrent Beta build before install Build 1090.Please run the Quest Insaller, then select SQL Navigator to be removed:Program Files->Quest Software->Quest Installer->Quest Installer”