13.1 to Update Tips

Some tips I just learned the hard way. This will save 15 min or so:

  • [Updated 2018-10-27 (ironically)]: The first daily update to requires the regular non-beta installation of Toad for Oracle to be updated to 13.1 (from 13.0). I re-used the Exported User Settings from the step below.

  • You must install the full .MSI if you’re trying to update from 13.1 Beta. The 13.2 Updater will tell you this if you download Update instead of Full Install and run it.

  • Be aware that the 13,2 full install picks up previous settings from a non-Beta Production installation (if you have one). In my case, that’s several months old. It was quite the shock to see those settings waking up from the dead (especially this week :jack_o_lantern:). To get around this, export user settings from 13.1 and then import into 13.2.

  • Do not change the folder where the User Setting Export is saved when you export from 13.1. TOAD looks for it in a specific place, and will give you the option of loading from 13.1, but only if you used the default export setting.