15.1 slowness with display of Grid Popup Editor

In 15.0, double-clicking on a text cell in a grid brings up the Grid Popup Editor (GPE) in maybe 250ms - it's lightning-fast.

In 15.1, the same action results in the GPE taking almost 3 seconds to display. After double-clicking, it's almost like nothing visually happens at all for 2 seconds, and then the GPE modal frame appears, and then finally the full modal with the text.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I can't reproduce this on my 15.1... is there anything special about this particular table? Any special datatype? Is it happening for all tables on all databases?

Anything else within the Toad IDE that appears to be slow?

Dark mode slows down window switching. That's probably the cause. I'll take a look at this tomorrow.

Interesting. Yes, it is definitely related to dark mode. I turned that off and the load speed is back to normal.


It's also slower popping up from editor than from SB-Tables-Data.

I'll have it faster next beta, but not as fast as non-dark mode.