Toad World® Forums Freeware version suddenly asking for a license key



Up until today all was fine. I uninstalled it, downloaded the 64 version and installed with the same problem.

Is it possible this version has hit the 12 months check in and needs to be updated?


We have the same issue this started to occur on Friday for a couple of our users.

Please can you advise what has changed to make this occur and what we can do to overcome this?


I have the same problem today.
It is the similar situation like a year ago.
But there was ready to install a new freeware version of Toad for SAP at the time.
I’ve just installed the new (3.2) freeware version and it was working.
Now, there is only beta of Toad for SAP 3.3.


I’,m having the same problem :confused:


There is a 1 year drop dead date in the Freeware App. I tried to find a work around, IE enter license key, but we do not have one. Toad for SAP solutions 3.3 is targeted for general availability on Dec 11. Please down load and use the Beta until then. Toad for SAP Solutions 3.3 Beta
Sorry for the inconvenience.


My colleague and I are having same issues. Hopefully Quest will respond soon and fix it.


Thank you. Why would there be a drop dead date in something that is free? Can users reinstall it to continue using it?


This is how Product management designed it.


Hi Riken,

It is our policy on all of our freeware to require that users download the latest version at least once every 12 months. This helps us control what versions of freeware are out and being used so that we can ensure that our freeware users are using the latest and greatest version. We typically have 2 releases of Toad SAP per calendar year and so we have not run into the situation where an expiration occurs and we have no updated version available for download. However, we had some internal processes change this year and it has effected our ability to get our the initial Toad SAP release for this calendar year.

We are working on getting a new version of the Toad SAP freeware out asap. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


When will the new Freeware version be available and if it is all ready where can it be downloaded from?



It will be available Feb 1st. At that time Download a Toad for SAP Trial version from link below. IT will be Version 4.0 When your trial expires it will revert to freeware.


Hi Debbie

When i go to the link you provided ( and fill out the form I still get a link to download 3.2.

Please can you advise me where I can download the 4.0 version from that I was advise will be available from 1st Feb?




There has been another delay. What is available is the current Beta which can be downloaded below.


Have there been any updates on this? Is there an anticipated date for the updated version?


April 15 is the release date.

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