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First, I have a question about Find/Replace in the current 3.3 beta. Is there a way to replace a string with nothing? In, say, MS Word, if I look for a string such as “string” and I want to replace it with nothing (""), I simply search for the word, leave the replace field blank and click Replace (All). Is there a way to do this with the updated Find/Replace?

Next, I have an issue in the current beta with Explain Plan when using the Teradata .Net driver. Explain cannot be run multiple times in succession even on different queries. I have to run an explain, run another query, then run another explain. Using the keyword “EXPLAIN” will not be fixed until 3.5, IIRC, so unfortunately, that is not an option, either.

Thanks in advance for your help.


It looks like there is no way to replace a string with nothing. You could use a space instead of nothing but it’s not the same. I created CR 105238 to track the issue.

Unfortunately the second issue is a bug too. There is a button – “Show estimated Explain Plan for the current statement” but it works incorrectly. I created the CR 105239 to track it.

Meantime you can copy and paste a statement in a newly open Editor and press the Explain Plan tab. In this case you will get the explain plan without a query execution



The issue with Find/Replace is now fixed. Also Find Panel is redesigned a bit to be more compact and easy to use. The changes will be available in next beta.

Thank you for participation!


Awesome! Thanks for your help!