5.5.4: Missing quotes / Case Sensitive.

Oracle is only case sensitive when there are quotes around the name. Such as table names when they are imported from MS Access.

The table list does not show the case sensitive of table names, and it does not show the quotes around the table name as it is part of the name. On the same subject, it does not show the quotes around the field names, which is needed to write sql queries …

Hi shannara,

thanks for your input. We would like to know moer about your environment and workflow? How do you import MS Access tables into Oracle? Is it ODBC connectivity? It would be great if you could send us a screenshot and/or a sample of table.

Rgds, Andrew

Hello :slight_smile:

I create an ODBC connection from MS Access 2003 to Oracle 10g. Then export the tables into my schema. The tables are automatically created with surrounding quotes and different cases. :slight_smile:

If you need more information, please let me know.

This issue may well qualify as regular enhancement.

I encourage you to log it through Quest Support. We do not have many calls regarding heterogenous issues, but this, I believe, may change in future.

Meanwhile, I would love to reproduce this at our end, so, yes, please provide more information (Oracle clinet/server versions, which ODBC driver, screenshot will be great, etc.).


Quoted table names are problematic in programming, you should use them as rarely as possible :wink:

It’s not an option when importing from access 2003 to Oracle 10g :slight_smile:

You can create tables manually and then do simple insert from access. Or Of course you can raname quoted tables afther import…