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6.2 Beta defaults


Hello all

I would like to suggest this thread about changes to the default configuration that SQL Navigator have after a clean install.

  • Code Editor: Show line numbers ON (I do not know a reason to disable it)
  • General -> Session: DBMS_OUTPUT on by default: ON
  • General -> Code Assistant: PL/Vison I think that these 2 options could be only one
    (due that PL/Vision Professional is free now) but being 2 options I think that they should have the same default state

Any more ideas guys and girls?

Filipe Silva


Anymore suggestions, guys?


another one:
I think that in the code search trigger should be checked by default :slight_smile:
(Is there a way to store those preferences?)




I would re-asked about

I think that in the “code search” -> “Trigger” should be checked by default

(Or a way to store those checks in the preferences)

Also that window (“database source code code search”) should have all the connection identifier (user@connection (number)) and not only the connection name


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Not adressed in build 1824


BTW when applying preferences the editors are refreshed and the “visual window” of the code and the cursor are moved


Hi Filipe,

Sorry for my late response. A CR has been created for this and we will fix it in next release (6.4).



On SQL result grid, the “Include line number when copy” should be set to OFF by default.
Even if set to OFF, when I copy the results and paste it in excel I also have a first column which is empty (probably the column where the line number should be).