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6.3.0 .1833 - we can't see package bodies


We can’t see package bodies (packages from other owners) even thought
“Enable using DBA dictionary views” is enabled.

We can see them in version 6.2.1.



Sounds like you might have the Enable DBA View option in the preferences but not the login dialog.

This has changed from 6.2.1 to enable DBA Views you must enable it from the login dialog.

Please ensure you have this option enabled in the login screen:
If you expand ‘options’ in the login dialog you will see the option ‘Enable using DBA Views’ there.




thanks this worked, but what is the point then having it still in Preferences?




The item in Preferences now only provides the default status of the option in Logon window. i.e., if you set the preference to checked, when you open the Logon window to make a connection, the “Enable using DBA Views” option in Logon window is selected by default.

One thing needs to noticed is - the history connections are remembered and the “Enable using DBA Views” option will be populated with last connection(which must connect to the same database and using the same user).