Toad World® Forums button "generate ddl script" in package editor don't use pref



I have unset peference
Extract DDL - General - Body and Spec for Packages/Objects

But if I press button “generate ddl script” in package editor only one file which containing Body and Spec is generated.

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Hi Torsten,

The ‘generate ddl script’ button works as expected/designed, ie. it does not take into account the extractDLL preference.

The ‘generate ddl script’ will generate scripts of what is displayed on screen, ie. if you have both spec and body tabs open, it will include both. It will not include the body if you only have the spec displayed on screen.

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As I cannot open a separate package body maybe you think about to change this as described?


Hi Torsten,

OK, that is a valid use case :-).

We will look into this for you.

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Works in