Toad World® Forums Filter in db explorer on "Other schemas" dont work as expected



I have filtered my schemas for performance, but the filter is not applied to db explorer.




Hi Torsten

Thankyou for your feedback, we will fix this in 6.4.



In now are shown less schemas as it should, it seems that % is not handled correctly. For an example sys% should show sys and system, but it show nothing of both.


Hi Torsten,

Indeed, % sign doesn’t work yet in the schema filter, it’s our omission. We simply filter schemas with names that are present in the list. How important is it? We are going to discuss the issue this week and will notify you of our decision. Most likely, a new CR will be raised for 6.5.



It is not very important, but it was stated that the same filter applies as in database navigator and there the % does apply.


Not solved in


Hi Torsten,

The % issue in Filter for schema will be fixed in the next v6.5 release. We plan to provide you and everyone the 6.5 Beta drop in a few weeks.

We are in system test for 6.4, v6.4 will go live in mid/late Oct, and v6.5 in late Nov.

Thanks and regards,


Does not work in


Hi Torsten,

Thanks for checking it out. More changes have been made to address the ‘%’ issue. It will be in the next beta drop. Lidia will send the next beta drop soon.

Thanks and regards,

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Seems to be working in the build


Yes, that’s correct.