Toad World® Forums Ticking expression in run tab is difficult to undo



When running a function from a package using the green run button.
A simple function with only one IN parameter and one OUT parameter.

I accidentally ticked the Exp check box. Then typed in a literal like CAT.
I received the error -

This is not a valid expression of type VARCHAR(32000)

  • which is fine and makes sense.

I then removed the text and tried to unset the Exp checkbox. Got the same message.
Then tried to set the Null or Def checkbox also getting the same message.

I then changed the expression to be upper(‘cat’) which is a valid expression and it was happy for me to then check the other check boxes and then I could also remove the expression text.

So there seems to be some over zealous validation going on.

I checked this with a few other functions and can reproduce the problem.



Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to fix the problem in the next 6.4 Beta release.



Hi Andrian,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I agree it’s not user-friendly when you cannot use mouse clicking to exit the editing field. I will raise a CR for this.

When the error message is shown, you can use keyboard Esc key to exit the field then click at the other check boxes.



CR has been raised.