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Still the explain plan and formatter are not on a separate thread and this results in a long time waiting before the operation completes. I also got an overflow error when requesting an explain plan. I also got an unstable program error which opened a zillion dialogs saying to me that the program has become unstable. More info about this last one as soon as I get the error again.


Hi Catalin,

Sorry that we could not get those 2 CRs in 6.4 as there were some issues and risks to complete the work for v6.4 release:
CR 11448 - Run Explain Plan tool in separate thread
CR 11450 - Run internal formatting calls in separate thread for Session Browser and SQL Modeler, formatting script in explain plan.

In v6.4, we could only provide the changes to run Formatting text in the Code Editor in a sepearte thread (instead in the main app thread).

v6.4 will be release in Oct, and 6.5 will be in Nov. Vincent has those 2 tasks now target for 6.5.

Regarding the overflow error, we could not reproduce yet. Please let us know if you get the error again, any more details you can provide would be great.

Thanks and regards,

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