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I got the filter working in a previous beta but in (at least) it seems to not be working.

By the Way: I prefer the 6.3 in-place filter (with history)


Hi Filipe,
I will look into this today and get back to you.



hi Filipe

I have had a quick look at filters this morning and although I have noticed a few issues with it (the global filters and general tab), but the object filters tab generally seems to work.

E.g. I can save a new Filter and select the object types I want to show and then only show certain items within each object.

Can you be more specific about what doesnt work, and i will look at it?



Hi Lidia

Sorry I could have being more explicit.
Now I made some proper tests:

  •   The filters I make in this version seems to work ok.
  •   The filters I have created in previous versions are not updatable all the time. I mean they work but changing them will not work.
    An example: I had a previous version filter named: STREAMS% that was empty (for some reason…). updating filter to STREAMS% and assigning globally and saving or pressing ok will not store that configuration and soo the filter will not filter for STREAMS%
    For some reason some of the other filters (that were not empty) had that problem but after some tries they started to work (storing the configuration)

The history in the filter field do not work: doesn’t make history.
Putting a filter expression with I think should filter and not be lost (maybe automatic assigning giving a name like )

I know that makes some sense to have a match capitalization search maybe a match case check box could be there?

It would be nice to have in the DB_explorer the name of the filter that is being used (if any)

PS: It seams that even creating a new filter that uses % in the name gets the problem of not storing the filter expression. that’s why I could not make it work yesterday, I think

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It would be nice to have in the DB_explorer the name of the filter that is being used (if any)

Fixed in build 1917


The issue: “creating a filter that uses % in the name not storing the filter expression” still can be reproduced in build 1920

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Still in build 1928


Hi Filipe

Is this only an issue with Filters that you created from previous beta versions installed, or is this an issue when you create a filter within the same version?

I have not been able to reproduce this yet, so I want to try and follow the same steps as yourself.



Hi Filipe

From your earlier post, I will create an enhancement request for the ‘match capitalization check box’ request.

I think its a good idea.




I can reproduce it anytime:

starting with no_filter -> Open the filter properties window -> in Filter put A% ->
-> <Save …> -> put A%

check in DB Explorer table node (or other) that the filter is %

-> Re-open the filter properties window ->check that the filter property was not “saved”



About the capitalization: normally people use small caps and have the objects with capitalized name (not using " when specifying the name) so to make an working index now it takes more attention /steps.

Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe

thankyou for the extra information, I was able to reproduce you issue with Filter not saving now.

Seems to be related to the ‘%’ in the filename. When I saved as A% the global assign was lost. When I saved as A or A followed by another symbol it worked.

I have raised a CR for the next release.



Maybe a notice about that should be in the “known issues” document?

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Hi Filipe

done! Note can be found in general section: