Toad World® Forums stability issues

Like Cindy Kennedy in another post, I’m curious when the next drop might be expected. When 2905 came out it was presented as more of a stop gap release because of the end of may expiration of the previous release, with a more complete update to follow.

Additionally, I’ve been using 2905 a lot in the last couple of weeks and I’m starting to notice stability issues. Especially if I’ve done a lot of edits and especially copy and paste operations.

Regardless though, I get a “program has become unstable” message 1-2 times a day now. Saving frequently seems to help with this, but not always.

4.x used to have a similar issues related to large amounts of edits, especially copy and paste, but I ahven’t seen that in 5.x or 6.x. Nor do I remember it particularly in previous builds of the 7.0 - beta. Though I’ve used 2905 far more than any other release, because I’m working on a lot of packages and the bug regarding not correctly location the reported errors in 6.x and 7.x is at least better in 7.x since at least the line numbers are shown. Even if you can’t navigate using them.

Thanks for any info,
Peter S

Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for your notes on those issues. We will try to provide a new beta drop later today for Cindy to pick up the Team coding changes already in the code base.

We could not make much progress yet with the performance with compiling large text reported earlier.

We will check out those issues you reported in this post and will keep you updated with another drop of beta to address your issues.

Thanks and regards,