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How slow is it??

14:17:34 Start Script Execution …
14:17:34 **** SCRIPT STARTED: 24-Oct-2014 14:17:34 ****
14:17:50 GRANT SELECT ON acadmin.os_list TO app_support_role
14:17:56 SQL statement executed
14:18:02 **** SCRIPT ENDED 24-Oct-2014 14:18:02 ****
14:18:02 End Script Execution

It’s so slow that I can’t give this to my other DBA’s to use. There is no way this should take so long to execute a simple grant.

Hi OracleDBA,

Thanks for your feedback, Could you help us to find out the issue?

Please send us your support bundle file from Help menu -> Create Support Bundle Files.


You can have a try these steps:

  1. close SQL Navigator

  2. rename registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.1.0” to " SQL Navigator 7.1.0bak"

  3. rename folder “%appdata%\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.1.0” to “SQL Navigator 7.1.0bak”

  4. now start up SQL Navigator again

  5. Please make sure “Cancel” is selected when SQL Navigator prompts the import profile settings dialog

Starting with fresh settings. If this doesn’t stop the error, please send us support bundle files.

Meanwhile, we will keep eyes on your issue and we are doing more works in v7.2.