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A couple issues with latest Beta


Greetings again team!

I’m loving the new Beta. The new OTP is a definite help and I’m already streamlining some of my work. Here were a few issues I’ve found along the way.

  1. The help button in the Generate Script window does not do anything. I know the help files are there now, is this something that will get wired up in the end?

  2. When using the stored procedure editor, I discovered a while ago that I can use the drop down list to quickly change between procedures to make changes. However, when I have the SQL Preview tab visible and I use the drop down list to change procedures, SQL Preview does not automatically refresh itself like the other tabs do. Is this the reason we have the Icon on the bottom left, or is it supposed to refresh itself automatically? I’ve noticed that if I go to a different tab, make a change, and go back to the SQL preview tab (without clicking Apply) the SQL Preview still refreshes to display the changes.

  3. When using the OTP in the Generate Script section, I clicked the “Entities” checkbox, but all the sub entities were not automatically selected. The same applies to the Views. Is this expected behavior? If so, I’d recommend having it auto refresh as well to exhibit the same behavior as the rest of the app.

  4. When I went to delete a foreign key from my model, I noticed there is a new prompt asking if I want to delete the actual object, or just the visual representation on the workspace. Is there a reason why I would want to keep the object and not see it? I’m slightly confused by this.

All in all, EXCELLENT work as ususal!


Hello Dillie-O,

Thanks for your feedback. Let me reply.

  1. Help buttons are ready for official release 3.1. In current Beta, they do not work, but will in next release. :slight_smile:

  2. It is a bug. We will fix it. CR # 46 080.
    Current workaround: click the button below or simply click another tab. Thanks!

  3. Yes, it is expected behaviour. If you like to select the sub items, you have to select them manually.
    Please see:

  4. The message on remove shortcut/delete object has been added per users’ request. Many users used Delete e.g. to delete relationship and then were confused as FK in child entity did not disappear.
    Delete in TDM3 = remove shortcut from particular WS
    SHIFT + Del in TDM3 = delete an object, including all its shortcuts, from model.

Is there a reason why I would want to keep the object and not see it?
You can divide your model into Workspaces (WS) and see different objects in each WS. Handy for large models (similar to TDM2 submodels). In fact, what you see in Workspaces are shortcuts of objects - graphical representatives of objects.
See e.g. sample model Videorental - entity Order Record is not in Borrowing WS, but it is in Ordering WS.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team