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A couple Requests


it would be nice to have an “X” on each tab so that you can close them on the tab instead of having to go to the far right to close. This is the default behavior in “tabbed” tools like IE and Firefox.

When you bring up a describe box, can you autofit the columns to the size of the values? As it is right now I do a Ctrl-f3, then immediately double click on the Name so that it will autosize. If I miss then it sorts the columns which is very annoying.

When I drag from the Describe box to the sql window in 5.5 it puts commas between each column. 6.0 doesn’t do this. It would be a nice feature to continue.

When I send a file that I’ve opened to another session, it doesn’t keep the file name, it makes it “untitled”.

OK, all for now.




Also, when I drag from the describe box, only one column, it puts in a special character and a linefeed. It also doesn’t seem to place the column in the place I think I’m putting it.

Dropping from the describe tab seems to work correctly in all cases.



A while back, we had an X on the tab to close them but we decided to get rid of it cos it looks kinda ugly. You can use Shift+f4 to close them. Its faster right?

the one with with changing session will be fixed.

About the describe box sizing, i’m not sure what you meant. Is the window too big or what?

The one with putting comma. I tried in 5.5 and didnt put any comma at all. maybe i didn’t do it right. Do you mind giving me the steps?
The problem with putting weird character has been noted.

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It may be ugly, but I think it’s going to feel more and more like a standard to people because the browsers (Firefox and IE) are doing it. I think you’re going to get people asking for it. Personally, I don’t think it’s a question of if you’re going to do it, but when.

What I mean in the Describe box is that you should size each of the columns big enough so that you can see the whole column name. In SQL grid terms, you guys are doing “N” and it would be better if you used “N&D”

To get commas you have to select more than one column. 5.5 does it. Your describe toolbox does too. In fact, the describe toolbox does it exactly right.





issue 3 has been logged.

The first two will be put down as enhancement requests.

Thanks heaps for the feedbacks,