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A few issues with the Stored Procedure editor


First off, the latest build of the beta is going great! Thanks for the updates guys, its really shaping into an awesome update.

I had a few questions/comments about the stored procedure editor…

  1. The Procedure Comments tab is in a complete different font (Arial 8 I think?) and always gives my eyes a shock after bouncing around in a Courier 10 font for the other tabs. In addition, I like to keep my SQL comment code aligned nicely and having a proporitional font would go great into this field. Call me picky, but is there any way to make that textbox to use the same font as the rest of the “free text” type fields?

  2. I’m trying to do a simple GRANT so that the resulting SQL looks something like this:
    GRANT EXECUTE ON dbo.usp_selCategoryById TO SqlMedLtcAdm
    but all of the combinations in the Permissions tab seem to tack a name onto the end of the grant. Is there a way to do a “simple” grant? Now I am targeting SQL Server 2000, so this could be DB related.

  3. In my SQL tab for a stored procedure, I have to make sure to put the statement “AS” in the top line to make sure the resulting code generates properly. This may be another SQL server issue for stored procedure syntax, but I would think that it should generate that keyword automatically since it does the rest for the parameter list and the like.

  4. Right clicking in the Procedure Comments are brought up a context menu with the option “Edit Form”. When I clicked this a bunch of windows flashed and it looks like I can get “under the hood” to do some layout design stuff. Was this supposed to happen? (See attached screenshot)

Please feel free to ignore any of these points. I know they may sound nitpicky and its your product. 8^D I just figured I’d give you my 10 bits and you can go from there. 8^D




Hello Dillie-O,

Happy to hear you like the latest beta.

Here I’m with some comments on you comments on the stored procedure editor.

  1. The Procedure Comment tab has been created separately from other tabs, e.g. the SQL tab, as it is database dependent. (Compare e.g. with the Procedure editor for Oracle.) Therefore there are the differences you’ve noticed.

Nevertheless, we understand your request and will try to find some solution. CR # 35 735.

  1. At the moment, there’s no way to do “simple” grant, we’re sorry. Nevertheless, thanks for this very good suggestion! We will deal with it. CR # 35 736.

  2. Thanks for your opinion. I’ve forwarded to our expert Mario who will consider it.

  3. The Edit Form and Edit Form as options allow you to customize the content of forms and dialogs - e.g. add new text boxes etc.
    Please watch an instructional flash movie on this issue at:

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks!