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A few minor bugs(?)


Hopefully I haven’t just overlooked a preference somewhere, or misunderstood the setting, but I’ll mention here anyways.

  1. the “Show row number” option does not seem to work. It’s unclear whether this means “show row number in the editor” or in the results grid. I’d like to turn it on in the results grid. Perhaps a section in the preference pane for the Results Grid would be helpful

  2. the “Highlight current line” feature doesn’t appear to work. Again, not clear on if this was meant for the editor pane of the window, or the results pane. Looking again, it does seem to highlight in the code portion, so maybe that’s what it’s supposed to do. I’d like to be able to select a row in the results area though as I could in SqlNav5

  3. in sqlnav5 (in the results grid) I could click in a column and then drag my mouse up (or down) and the window would scroll automatically. Imagine you want all of a column, but there are just a few too many rows to fit on one screen. This is further aggravated by the fact that the key combinations (e.g. SHIFT-PgUp/Home/End) don’t seem to work as they did previously

  4. Is anyone else having problems with this beta sucking up all the CPU? I am having to restart at least 10 times/d when it becomes unstable. Didn’t seem to have this in previous beta builds.

Just my $0.02 on a great product.


Hi Kridan,

1.This option is supposed to show the row# in the data grid. This issue has been addressed by various members and it was fixed in the later build.
2.It does but its a bit tricky to notice. :smiley: the highlight color is a light yellow and its for the code editor. We miss the functionality where a row is selected in the data grid. it will be added back.
3.these one will also be fixed.
4.There has been reports that SQL NAV becomes unstable because of AV problems and they have been fixed. However, we may miss something important here. Could you pls give us more information about how it becomes untable? (such as what tools you were using or some specific steps that can help us to reproduce the problem)

Thanks a lot for your feedback.


Hi Kridan,

Just one question: what do you mean by selecting a row in data grid? You can select a row by clicking its number (the leftmost column). There is also a right-click menu option. Is this not enough?