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A new SQL Navigator 7.2 beta (build 3807) is available (expires on 5-Jan-2015)


Dear all,

A new SQL Navigator beta is available. Following are the details of the updates:

Changes and New Features:



Oracle 12c New Features

Add “Online” option for dropping Indexes and Constraints

Allow to move Datafiles without taking the Tablespace offline

New options “KEEP/NOKEEP, SESSION/GLOBAL” in Sequence editor


Apply clearer icon look and feel under Standard UI style.

Bugs Fixed:


Story No.

Export data to table inserts is broken

SQLNAV-1792, 1759

Old format license key is not picked up from Quest folder


Empty space appears under tabs bar in the Code Editor


Known Issues:



Cannot detect user profiles from previous versions on startup

Backup profiles using old version Profile Manager and restore the file using new version Profile Manager

note[1]: EurekaLog helps development team to collect and analyze application crash information. When EurekaLog mode is enabled, users are prompted to view crash details if application is unexpectedly terminated. To enable the EurekaLog mode, pleaes save following script to .reg file and run it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Dell\SQL Navigator]

Find download links…/default.aspx

or access the downloads directly at:

Download Beta

Download Beta (64-bit)

As always, we look forward to hearing feedbacks from you.


SQL Navigator Team


The download linkt to 64-bit gives the same file (32bit), doesn’t it?


Thanks Martin. My mistake. I have just updated the link to the correct file.


Hi Vincent

Uninstalled the former Beta version and installed this one. First try gave an error, saying it could not retrieve all components :

Total Commander 8.51a - Bmc Software Israel Ltd.png

Second try worked better, but no shortcut has been created in my program list under Quest Software.

Opening the first time the Navigator, I directly see that my project manager is not complete : I only have the content of my first folder

My preferences settings have also not been copied into the new version.

SQL Navigator 7.1.png

“Apply clearer icon look and feel under Standard UI style” : great improvement for my eyes, many thanks.




Hi Martin,

  1. For your installer problem, we will update the Installer program for next beta.

  2. After 7.2 beta, all the programs and shortcut will be under “Dell” folder, and the user profile will NOT migrate automatic in the beta, Now you can migrate profile using profile manager manually. we will try to fixed this bug in the next beta