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A strange query


Hi all

Using Quest SQL Tracker I found out that when editing a package body (not in spec) SQLNav is always making a query

SELECT debuginfo
INTO :result
FROM sys.all_probe_objects
WHERE owner = :owner
AND object_name = :name
AND object_type = :type
AND status = ‘VALID’;

that query happens when changing line, moving the cursor along ,etc…
I think that is to see if the object was compiled with debug. Why it’s doing that all the time?

Also strange if that it will make that query 2 times (!!) for each package body that is in the selected tabs of each editor when saving the preferences or making apply



SQL*Nav. is letting DB know that he is still alive.


??? there is no change made in the database (only if there are session triggers or table triggers)…so the db it’s not storing that.

Only to maintain the session connection? for that it could have used select 1 from dual, besides there is also other queries it makes for the auto-complete (where the connection is real needed to be alive)

No, it’s not for that…


I was joking for … sake.


Hi Filipe,

I’ve reproduced the issue. It looks serious enough to me to be considered for 6.3, but we need to discuss it here. I will keep you informed.



We’ve just discussed this issue with Bruce and decided that it has to be fixed urgently. Please check the next Beta build to verify it’s fixed.


rbo_90:sorry I didn’t figure out it was a joke :wink:

roman: thanks!


Seems to be fixed in build 1824