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A warning on export that ntext fiels are missing would be nice.


I nearly wiped out a critical configuration file in my database today when I
scripted the “correct” version of a number of rows to a SQL Script to be deleted
and then re-created in a production database.

The problem was that by default Toad seems to be “not” retrieving ntext fields.
I didn’t notice that until after I generated an export SQL Script and just
happened to notice the fields were missing.

It would be most appreciated if a warning could be added when you select data
and choose export that there are fields that have not been retrieved, and
perhaps a prompt to retrieve them prior to performing the export.



Excellent Catch !!

Excellent Suggestion !!!

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect

hfreeman@msn. com

678.414.0090 my cell Primary


Hi Darren,

Toad does support exporting data of ntext type. The only unsupported data types
are image, binary, varbinary and timestamp, and we will display “unsupported
data type for export” in “select columns” page.

I don’t know what caused your ntext data not exported, could you double check
the “select columns” page when you export and make sure the column is not
unchecked by any chance?