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Ability to load data from a table into the test data manager


We generate our tables through Oracle Designer, and have all our Domains defined.

We have a table in our database that has the Designer Domains loaded into it for use in LoV.

It would be nive if we could read that data and create Data Types for testing.


Absolutely! When you create a test data group, you can specify that you want the values to be determined by executing a query. Can you write such a query to extract values from the Designer Domains?

Also, you can set it up as a dynamic load (each time the test is run) or one-time load with the Fill from query hyperlink in the Test Data Manager screen.



You can do exactly this, assuming I understand your request correctly.

The Test Data Manager allows you to create test groups, including using data that can be resolved via any SELECT query you provide.

See the attached file to see an example.

Jeff Smith
Product Manager - Quest Code Tester for Oracle

PS This feature is not available in the freeware, so download a trial or buy a copy if you aren’t able to access it.