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Ability to test methods of object types


I’m just getting into code tester so I apoligize if I’m missing something, but there does not seem to be a way to create tests for object types. I suppose I can get by with creating my tests for a dummy procedure and testing expressions but it seems like quite a bit of extra work and I would lose the connection between the tests and the object tested.

An example of an object type I would like to test is my string_list type which has an varry of varchar2 attribute and various methods to parse delimitted strings into the varray and format delimitted strings from the varray.


It is unfortunate, but true that Code Tester does not yet support native/direct testing of object type methods.

You do, indeed, need to build dummy programs on top of the methods. We hope to add support for OTs in 1.9; no date for that yet.

Sorry, SF