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I am wondering if there any way I could change the line space of the attributes on Entities object. I am not sure if the screen resolution would affect the way the the Entities object display. on the entities I got, the attributes is covered by the attribute underneath. Please see the screen shot 1 for the information. sorry about i am not good on explain thing.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


resolution problem.odt (58.3 KB)


Hello Chi,

Yes, I understand the problem.
Unfortunately, there’s no way how to change line space among attributes.

Chi, let me ask you the following questions:
Have you tried to resize the entity box? What is the result?
Have you tried to change font size and font type?
Please try to select Recalculate size option to see if the problem occurs.
Does it occur in all models? or only old ones, or new models, or after import from TDM2 or reverse engineering?

What’s your screen resolution? If you try to change it, does it have any effect?

Please let me know.



Hi Vladka

Sorry to reply you late.
The screen resolution I has is 1440 x 990, it occurs on all models, no matter how i resize the model, it still have the same problem.

The problem has been solved with the latest beta.

Many thanks



Thanks, Chi.

Issue fixed.