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About Generate DDL Script button.



Toad Data Modeller is GREAT, it is hard to find more problem now. This post just want to report some weird text on “Generate DDL Script” Wizard’s Title Bar, and also in theEntity List, it display some weird text as well.

Another thing i would like to mention the behavior of the Generate DDL Script button on the toolbar will not come back up after you click on it(not like Verify Model button) , It will come back up if you click on it again or click on another work space.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many Thanks


Please find the attachment of the screen shot about the problem.

ddl.doc (133 KB)


Hello Chi,

Thanks very much for your bug notifications!

Name of the dialog bug - CR # 36 295
Bug on the Entity list tab - CR # 36 296
Generate DDL script button bug -CR # 36 297

All this will be fixed soon. Thanks for your great co-operation!