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Access Violation Errors - General Tips


Hello All,

Unfortunately, we’ve received more posts reporting the Access Violation error recently. We’re very sorry for this.

Some of you get the error while doing reverse engineering, some while generating script or verifying model etc. I’d like to provide you with some tips on what to check out when the problem occurs (some general tips):

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of TDM3.
  2. Make sure you have downloaded published hotfixes for particular version.
    Hotfixes for BETA are available here:

Hotfixes for commercial version are at:

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary administrator’s rights. (- that you have access to scripting.)

  2. If the problem occurs during RE:

  • please check out all available connections,
  • try to generate HTML report or SQL script to see whether the problem occurs also there.
  1. See what antivir program you use. Just to find out whether it is the antivir program that causes the problem, you may try this:
  • disable the antivir,
  • install TDM3 on another PC without the antivir,
  • use TDM3 on Virtual PC.

If the problem remains, please do not hesitate to write us.
Information on what of these issues you verified + information on your database, operating system, origin of your model (TDM2 model, reversed model, new model) and antivir program, steps you had taken before the problem occured and screenshot (or statement) of the error would be very appreciated. The more details we have, the bigger probability that we solve the problem is. We will do our best.

Thanks very much for your co-operation and patience!


Vladka + TDM Team


For more information about your problem for our developers :

  1. Try to run TDM from command line(Start->Run>cmd) with this parameter :

C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler 3(or Beta)\Bin\TDM.exe Start-Log

  • “Start TDM3 Log.txt” is then located in Bin folder

  • Send this report on

  1. If you can(due to your company policy,…),send your model to us on

Thanks a lot