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Access violation in model update


While updating a model in Model update wizard I get the following error message.

Access violation at address 00F8A432 in module ‘TDM.exe’.

The complete error message is attached.

My environment is Parallels 6 VM running Windows 7 Home edition
My database is an Oracle 11g on an Amazon cloud
My data model is on Toad Data Modeler and the model is based on Oracle 10g

toad-access-violation.txt (56.4 KB)


Hi Hazi,

nice example of virtualization+cloud usage :slight_smile:
Please send us Eureka Log (should be available for Access Violation errors). I can also recommend you to convert model from Oracle 10 to Oracle 11, you should not try to update Oracle 10g model from Oracle 11g database directly.

Also, please update your TDM to the latest 3.6. version. Thank you.




Hi Hazi,

I overlooked the attachment. I saw this post:
and thre is no attachment.

We will look into the matter tomorrow.

Note: please don’t send the same question to multiple sections. Thank you.




Thanks Vaclav,

I have updated to version 3.6 and will change the model to 11g and will report back.



Hi Hazi,

please try to test and repair your model.
This is what I can recommend. Unfortuntely, from the log file we didn’t recognize what caused the problem.