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Access violation opening model file


I have a model (.txp) file that TDM 3 Beta on WinXP will not open. This error appears in a popup…
Access violation at address 00CFDECF in module “TDM.exe”. Read of address 00000000

Clicking okay gets the popup again for a total of four times (3 clicks). Then a new dialog appears asking me to tell Microsoft about the problem. Clicking Don’t Send gets another copy of the dialog box. This Microsoft dialog repeats until tdm.exe is explicitly killed with Task Manager.

This model was created from a .dmx file that was exported from Case Studio 2 (2.25), opened in TDM Beta, and then saved as a regular model.

Deleting the InstanceDBUserGroupRelationOR10 tag from the .txp file fixes the problem. I’ve attached the offending tag. The content of the ID tag in the UserGroupRelation tag refers to a legitimate user identified in a DBUserOR10 tag elsewhere in the file, but none of the other Ids refer to other objects in the file. Specifically, there is no reference to the procedure to which execute permission is being granted though that procedure is present in the file.


instancedbusergrouprelationor10.txt (926 Bytes)


Hello Rodney,

Your co-operation is really fantastic! You have helped our developers a lot. (I can say you’ll be certainly the one awarded the Developer Surprise Award on Monday. See: )

To the problem: We have found out that the trouble is caused by the user permissions defined in TDM 2. This causes problems during the conversion. Anyway, this bug will be fixed in next TDM 3 BETA release. (CR # is 28 170).

Possible workaround for all who encounter this trouble: delete all permissions to entities, procedures and other text objects in TDM 2, do the conversion and then add the permissions again manually in TDM3.

  • This is just a temporary solution, as I’ve stated, this bug will be fixed in next BETA release.

Thanks very much!