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Access violation using Alter Script Wizzard


Hi !

We have a master database designed with tdm (Oracle).
Then we have reversed an older db into a tdm model.

Now we only want to have a ddl script creating the items which are in the old model, but not in the master model. All other differences are not interesting.

We start Synch-Convert Wizzard, left side “old model”, right side “master model”, in dialog Setting we choose only “Select items that exists in model 1…create…”. All other options are default. Starting converter comes to the dialog displaying the differences und correctly have marked (selected) only 3 simple entities to be created. Continue with button “Finish” leads to access violation after some time (at address 00499648, read address 0000004).

This behaviour is the same in the commercial version.
We also used the “model test” and “model repair” function (nothing found by these functions).

Until now we never succeeded to create an alter script from a model and a database reversed. The only way we were able to do this is to make a copy of a tdm model, making some changes manually to it, and then running the Alter Script.

Any ideas ?



Hi Reiner,

can you send us Eureka Log, please? See attachment. Or you can send us both models to and we will generate alter script and see results.


How to send Eureka Log.pdf (226 KB)


Hi Vaclav,

I have just send you the models and further info.




Thank you. I will send you more information on Monday.





I am not able to reproduce this. I was able to generate Alter Script with no problems on my laptop. Please try again, as first action in restarted TDM.