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Access violation when compiling Invalid Objects


Hi ,

When I try to build invalid objects in schema , I get “Access violation at address 00AAA9B1 in module ‘SQLNav5.exe’. Read of address 00000000” error message.
I think this message occurs when invalid object can’t be build. After this I get message “Cannot close when tasks are running”. I close program from windows task manager.



Hi sgunier!
Try generate trace file for sqlnav and then simulate your issue. Maybe more things you can find in trace file.
Try disable debug option, or compile manually, and watch what appends.
alter package compile body

Regards Piter.


Hi Sedat,

Thank you very much for sending the info on the AV. We could not reproduce the issue here ourselves yet.

Could you manage to reproduce consistently? Can you please send us the DDL script of one of the invalid object which the AV occured when you try to recompile.
It would be much appreciatd if you can provide some screen shot and steps to reproduce the issue.

If we could not reproduce the issue here, we might send you a debugger-build to help us to trace the issue.

If you want to close the app when there is a task/thread running, you would need to close/stop the task. You can do it in a number of ways:
- Open the Task Manager window under View->Task Manager, then Suspend/End the running task.
or - Click the Red X button on the main tool bar to stop current task.

We will do more work here after we receive the requested info from you. We will keep you updated with progress.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce ,

I try to reproduce the issue again after I read your message.I am successful on this , and prepare u screen shots of problem. Although I try to catch how is this issue occurs or find specific thing for problem.But I’m not successful on this. Problem does not occurs always. This shows me error doesnot depends on a invalid object.Also problem occurs on diffrent invalid objects. I continue try to catch error. If I found anything I 'll call u. If anything I have to do when error occurs please tell me.


Sedat (125 KB)


Hi Sedat,

Thanks for the update and the screen shots. I suspect that this might relate to the timing AVs which Piter reported earlier.

Could you please try one thing for us:

  • Open the Task Manager window and dock it (Keep the Task Manager window open all the time).
  • Pls try the same steps as before to see whether if the AV still occurs.

We have made changes in the area of the Task Manager which has addressed Piter’s issue.

If having the Task Manager window open and the AV you reported does not occur anymore then that I would say the changes we made recently should fix your issue as well…

Pls keep us updated.

Thanks again for your input.


Hi Sedat,
If the AV still occurs, We will try to get a new (debugger) build to you (by first thing tomorrow your time) to help us to trace it.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Bruce ,

The problem doesnot occurs again when task manager window docked as u said.



Hi Sedat,

Thank you for getting back to us.

That is good feedback. For the time being, you can keep the Task Manager open to avoid the AVs. As per my previous note, we have made changes to address this issue. The changes will be included in the first beta post 5.5. We will try to get the build to you in a few weeks time.

This a great catch Sedat. We owe you an Oz beer .

Best regards,