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AccessDB Error -Size of field 'PROP_VALUE' is too long. Unable to Create Benchmark Property table!


Hi All, Newvie to Benchmark Factory and trying to evaluate function of the tool (for potential recommendation to a customer). So I installed and set a connection to sample Northwinds DB. But when I try to run any workloads I get “ODBC Error (37000,FFFFFA1E, 1) - [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Size of field ‘PROP_VALUE’ is too long.
Unable to Create Benchmark Property table!” … Any assistance is appreciated!


I don’t really understand why I’m getting this error. It looks like a BMF Benchmark Property table is failing on the create, but for some reason the error is reporting that the MS Access Driver is reporting the failure. Shouldn’t this table be created in the repos? The repos is using the default jdbc sql lite driver… so I’m stuck… Any ideas?


Benchmark Factory, when going to run a standard benchmark, tries to create some property tables on the database under test to aid in the standard benchmark loading. The creation of one of the tables, the one that is failing for you, fails because Access does not allow a column datatype of VARCHAR(2000). Unfortunately there is not a work around for Access.