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Add attribute from workspace (context menu) in LER


Maybe this is an unfinished feature.

After clicking on Add attribute (or att unique identifier) in workspace
from context menu of entity, new identifier is added, but from workspace
there is no possibility to alter it directly. This way it’s useless.

It’s faster to edit entity and add the attribute there directly.

Inplace editor in entity window could improve it. Maybe you already have plans for adding this. And after clicking on add entity, that inplace editor should be activated (again ).
If you want to add multiple attributes at once, it’s not possible with context menu.

Because menu vanishes after click, and when you activate the menu again, previous focus is lost. So if inplace editor had been activated before that, it would loose focus and cancel editing too. The result would be the same as if the inplace editor wasn’t activated at all. (attribute name stays at defalt)

For unique identifiers it’s even worse. It isn’t visible at all.

Situation changes if model explorer is open. But there is also BUT.
The entity’s attributes would have to be open in model explorer.
And if you have this list open, it’s easier to use it there and use inplace editor there.

So to save the context menu, there could be something like “locate in model explorer” (not automatic, because of other drag and drop features)


Hello arki,

Thanks for your feedback on this. You’re right, they are useless.
Let me inform you that the options Add Attribute and Add Unique Identifier will be removed from the entity context menu in LER model.

Thanks for your remarks.