Add package to support alter script generation of MySQL

I know the latest beta and the upcoming release will support alter script generation for MySQL, but I have and want to add some simple alter script support in the mean time. It seems like this should be possible, but so far I have not been successful.

Unlike most forms, the Converter form is not customizable and I cannot find the code for it. By looking at the alter script packages of Oracle, for example, I do not see how it gets tied into the conversion system to indicate that a particular Oracle version is supported for alter scripting. Other than that, I have followed the pattern that Oracle alter script package follows (extends “Alter for PER to PER”, contains some conversion rules, defines scripts per conversion rule, conversion rule classes in metamodel extend from ConversionRulePER*, etc).

I have achieved some amazing customizations with this tool, but of course the deployed documentation is quite lacking and so I cant quite figure this one out. Hopefully someone knows how I can add this alter scripting support :slight_smile:


Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the TDM version you have (and for v. 3.3.8 either). Since then there have been significant modifications in packages for Convertor, which are closely related to packages for alter scripts. If you created alter script packages for MySQL, it wouldn’t work (the alter script buttons in Convertor would be still disabled).

I can only recommend you to use Beta or wait for the next commercial version 3.4. However, if you decide to use Beta, please notice that it’s a beta and not official release. In any case, we would very appreciate if you could test the functionality and give us your feedback. Thanks.