Add shortcut keys like in toad for oracle


Custtomer who used toad for oracle before would like to have similar shortcut keys design in toad edge for PG also. Here are some examples:

     1. In toad for oracle, it doesn't need the semicolon at the end of the statement within executive cursor. instead, you can directly use Ctrl+Enter which is very convenient. But in Toad Edge, you need semicolon to finish each statement, or will get error when using Ctrl+Enter to execute.

     2. In toad for oracle, you can use F5 to executing as script. But in toad Edge, it change to Ctrl+Shift+Enter, which is not so convenient.

     3. In toad for oracle, you can use Ctrl+Insert to copy the data with column name in the result set. But in Toad edge it looks no such feature, and customer need the copy with column name feature in many cases.