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Adding new entities - weird order


I did not find previous post on this.

In LER create a new empty entity.
Open it, hit attributes. Move dialog so that you see workspace.
Add few attributes, hit apply. They show up in workspace.
Then add another attribute and move it up at the beginning of attribute list.
Hit apply, it will show in the workspace.

Now, add another 3 attributes. In dialog they appear at the end, but after pressing “apply” they show up in workspace at the beginning!
It must to have something with the last adding + moving,
but I couldn’t figure out how to reverse it.
Once it started to be added at the beginning , it’s not possible to end it.

If you close dialog and open it again, attributes will in the order as on workspace.



Thanks for your bug notification.
We will fix it. CR # 37 146. New attributes will be added to end. After you click Apply, the order in entity form and in entity box in WS should be the same.

Thanks again.