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Adding new table to existing database diagram


I am new to TDA. I created a database diagram. I am now trying to add a new table that I forgot to add. When I am trying to add this, TDA is trying to get 140 other tables, even though Hierarchy is set to 1.

The table I am trying to get in is associated with only one other table that is already present in the database diagram.

The initial database diagram was created with hierarchy level set to 5. I tried to save this file with another name, setting the level to 1 and then tried to get this new table. Same problem.

I am running Ver

Any advise please?

Many Thanks.


Closing this. I just set the maximum objects to 1. Seems a silly question now :slight_smile:

Another solution would be to set the level to 0. This means to not add any dependancies, just the table.


Thanks Debbie. This is a neater solution.