Additional language/systax files for use in TFO editor?


I am looking for additional syntax files for use in the Toad For Oracle (TFO) editor. I am especially interested in ones for KSH, BASH and Windows Batch files (.bat, .cmd), or Windows PowerShell. In Options/Editor/Behavoir at the bottom is a languages box and if you click the add button a new dialog comes up. At the bottom left are buttons to import and export syntax/language files. I don’t want to create one if there are ones out there that people are willing to share! :slight_smile:

If I am up having to create them would this be an appropriate place to share them?

Any syntax/language files that anyone would like to share would be awesome!



I’m looking for the same thing David. Please let me know if you find any existing syntax/language files. Thanks!

Sound like a plan. I think you can also share your Syntax/Language files by Toad script Reporistory.