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Additions for 6.1


OK, since you asked, here are some items that are still outstanding for 6.1

If I could still play with 6.0, I could probably give you some more.

Fix source formatter. There are lots of problems here.

Autosize all the columns in the describe popup (ctrl-f3) so that the columns can be read without having to do it manually.

Fix the annoying tips with some sort of preference (

Undo/redo cursor positioning doesn’t behave like a “normal”windows app.

Don’t reposition window (moving the cursor is OK) afterexecuting SQL statement (

Single row view issues (

Undoing changes

It would be nice to know when you’re exiting, whichfiles/tabs changed. Right now, you only know that something in the sessionchanged.

Program has not been compiled withdebug information (


And now for something completely different (as Monty Python used to say).
I wonder if there’s a UNIX/Linux port of SQL Navigator/TOAD in the pipeline?


Hi Dominique,

Sorry, there is no plan in the pipeline to produce a SQL Navigator version which supports Linux/Unix.



Hi Jet,

Thanks for bringing those to our attention again. All of them are already in our StarTeam system which target for 6.1 or a future release, except the saving on close enhancement.

Due to the design, we have one Code editor window per session, Nav currently ONLY displays which tabs changes when you close the editor. When closing the whole app, the list only includes which windows changes…I think we can try to look into this for you and display a tree view where you can expand the window node to find out which tabs changes.

Thanks and regards,


that would be cool. Thank you,