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Adjusting results grid


there are some “weird” results with adjusting the size of the results grid from a sql query.

If I adjust one tab, it seems to set another tab to the same size, but not always. Sometimes I adjust, click on a new tab, then come back to the first tab and the size is adjusted to the second tab even though I changed the size before I tabbed out!


Hi Joe,

As per request from one of our users, there were changes made since v6.3 to remember change (resize) in the height of the data grid when running multiple selects and having multiple results sub tabs. It currently should only be applied to tab that has many/multiple data grids. With the workflow you describe when moving from one main (top) tab, the height of data grid on the first tab will be the same as second tab, it is as expected…As per requested at that time, we only did changes for data grids in sub tabs.

Would you and all like to make height of all data grids persistent? ie, once you change the height, SQL Navigator should remember for all tabs?

Thanks and regards,


Each query/sql script is its own entity and you’re going to want to set the grid in different places for each one. I don’t understand why you would want to ever automatically set the bar in the same place for query 1 as query 2 as query 3, etc.

so, I think to answer your question, once I set the height on a query, that’s where I want it to stay. Makes sense doesn’t it?