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ADO.NET data provider supports max precision of 26 numbers in decimals

Error:19.07.2011 10:01:53 0:00:00.796: Lookup Error - The Adaptive Server ADO.NET Data Provider currently supports a maximum precision of 26 numbers for a decimal type. The data cannot be displayed.

52: select *

from sysobjects

It will not display any of the data. If I narrow down the search then it so far displays the data. I have not identified the record(s) which causes this.

Is this something I can configure on my side?
If not would it be possible to only display this as a warning and yet display the data even if truncated?



I just did a simple query to sysobjects:
select *
from sysobjects

and got the following message:

Hello KjartanMS,

I’ve seen this happen on sysobjects tables that have a value for identburnmax which is defined as a numeric (38, 0).

The problem is that the Sybase ADO.Net driver tries to put these values into a .Net Decimal type which only supports a maximum precision of 26 numbers and thus the error.

I have tried to work around this issue by truncating or excluding the value but once the driver runs into this issue it no longer allows me to process any other records thus leading to incomplete result sets.

Since I can not work around it I need Sybase to fix the issue in the driver. For that I currently have support case 11582535 with Sybase. If you have access to this system please add a comment so they can increase the priority.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Michael

I currently do not have access to Sybase support cases, but I hope that I will get it. If I do I will add my comment to it.


Hello Michael,

Is there any news from Sybase about this case ?

Hello Jean-Pierre,

My first attempt to have Sybase fix this was rejected because there is no built-in .Net datatype that can hold this value. After giving some samples and documentation from other platforms and how they solved this issue Sybase decided that it should in fact be fixed and they are now currently working on it.

I don’t have a time frame for you but If you have a technical support contract with Sybase you can look at the Sybase Case Id 11582535 or Sybase CR 636449 and add a note that you would like to see this fixed as well.

Thanks and sorry for the delay.

Hello Michael,

Do you know is this issue was ever fixed by Sybase ?