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Advanced SQL Optimization runs into error invalid data


the Advanced SQL Optimization 9.3.0 runs into error invalid data.
The tool asks to build a bundle, but it seems like it is not doing this.
This also happens for simple SQL like select sysdate from dual;toald_SQL_optimize

Support Bundle is a error logging tool from Quest SQL Optimizer. If you select "Yes", there are some log files will be created and log everything. When user repeats the steps to reproduce the error, we may track the error from the logs.

You may find more detail from Help.

I search all the source code from the SQL Optimizer. There is no such message contains, so I wonder the error could raise from the 3rd party components. I still work on it.

By the ways, we have just release a newest version 9.3.3. I am not sure if problem is fixed from it, however, we did a lot of 3rd party components upgrade during 9.3.0 to 9.3.3. You may try it.


Tony Ng

Ok, thank you Tony. It seems like Toad calls 9.3.0 although also 9.3.2 is already installed. How would I change the call to the right version? Later on then I would try 9.3.3.

There is an option to change the version selected of SQL Optimizer.


Tony Ng

Thank you that worked, we can close the ticket. :slight_smile: