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after connection import (xml) connection to Database throws exception

Hi, getting below error when trying to connect to any database:

Die Länge darf nicht kleiner als 0 (null) sein.
Parametername: length
Stack Trace:
bei IBM.Data.DB2.DB2ConnPool.Open(DB2Connection connection, String& szConnectionString, DB2ConnSettings& ppSettings, Object& ppConn)
bei IBM.Data.DB2.DB2Connection.Open()
bei Quest.Toad.Db.Connection.OpenConnection(IDbConnection connection)
bei Quest.Toad.DB2.DB2ToadConnection.OpenConnection(IDbConnection connection)
bei Quest.Toad.Db.Connection.AllocConnection()
bei Quest.Toad.Db.Connection.Connect(Boolean notify)
bei Quest.Toad.Db.Provider.BackgroundConnector.CreateBackgroundConnection()

What i did was:

  • export connections from existing beta 6 installation

  • import into new installed beta 6

BTW.: connection through toad 5.6 (using the same export-xml file) on the same machine works fine

Hi Wolfgang,

What’s the version of the beta you’re using?



Created issue TDB-1138 to track the resolution of this problem.

I am using beta

Hi Wolfgang,

Can you send me the XML file you’re trying to import?

If you’d like, you can send it to me directly at Replace the “0” in .c0m with o.


What version of Windows and the DB2 client are you using?

Are you able to create a new connection profile and connect?

Hi Adam,

i sent you a copy of my connections.xml file

i am using db2 client version DB2 v9.7.800.717 (32bit)

Maybe you should know, that i have the same version of toad installed on a 64bit machine using a 64bit db2 client (also v. 9.7.x) using the same xml-file.

The machine where i have this problem is 32bit windows 7 virtual machine.

Hope this helps


… Wolfgang

Are you able to create a new connection profile and connect?