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Agent Error: New Order: Statement 2 OCIStmtExecute


**Agent(bmtic219) Error: New Order : Statement 2 OCIStmtExecute
**I have a 2-node RAC 11g Oracle Database on RHEL 4 Update 4.
There are no errors in my alert log that correspond to this error and no trace files are being generated. Can anyone help me track down this error? Thanks

I’m running a TPC-C load with no latency. When I run with 50 or more concurrent users I get the error



I didn’t have this problem exactly, but I did have a problem recently where one of my agents came up thinking it was unlicensed which puts a limit on the number of concurrent users that you can execute. I don’t recall the error message exactly, but it may be worth checking out.

In that case the solution was simply to re-enter the license information and everything started working.



The error is from when the new order transaction is trying to update the C_Stock table. Since you are running with an Agent there will be more error information in the Agent error log. This can be viewed either by clicking on the messages tab on the Agent application, from the BMF console make sure the Agent tab is selected on the bottom pane and then right clicking on the Agent with the error and selecting “View error Log”. Another way is to look in the Error Logs directory on the machine that the agent is running on. It will be located in the My Documents/My Benchmark Factory/Error Logs directory.

Also what scale factor are you using for the TPC-C?