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Agent(Matt-PC) Error: Stock Level : Statement 1 OCIStmtExecute


Agent(Matt-PC) Error: Stock Level : Statement 1 OCIStmtExecute

Can anyone help me?

Hi I sm trying to use benchmark factory against an oracle 11g database…

using TPC-C … when the application starts sampling the transaction mix I get the following error:


There will be additional error information in the Agent error logfile(s) which are located in the /My Benchmark Factory/Error Logs directory. The Agent(s) only send the first error to the BMF console when an error occurs. Thanks.


I found that the problem only occours when i try and run tests on a dataset created in a previous test

when i delete the database prior to recreating and running tests it works fine.


That makes sense then. The TPC-C modifies the database during run execution and since BMF strives to have repeatable results, the queries will be the same between test runs. So during the first test run the data is as expected, per TPC-C specification, but on the second run the data could have changed and thus there may be problems with the query. To get repeatable results you need to reload the TPC-C tables between test runs. There are several threads in the community discussing ways to speed up the data reload.